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ReadyNAS packs industry-first innovation and unmatched ease-of-use into top-end storage. Unlimited snapshots. Thin provisioning. Cloud-managed replication. Real-time Anti-Virus and Encryption. In short, ReadyNAS lets you do more with your business data than you ever thought you could afford.


5 Layers of File Protection of ReadyNAS: 

· Automatic RAID protects against disk failure

· Exclusive snapshot technology for point in time file recovery

· Real-time anti-virus software protects against viruses and malware

· Bit rot protection defends against media degradation

· Free cloud backup for your most important files


ReadyData NETGEAR ReadyDATA is a unified storage (NAS/SAN) platform featuring enterprise-class technology designed for businesses of any size. With unlimited snapshots, block-level replication, native deduplication, and SMB-friendly form factors, ReadyDATA frees high-end data protection, disaster recovery and data integrity technologies from the oppressive contracts, license agreements, and costs of “Big IT” vendors. 


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