Actifio is an enterprise-class data virtualization software platform. It enables businesses around the world to deliver data as a service, leverage public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure, accelerate testing for DevOps, and improve SLAs for backup and disaster recovery while reducing cost and complexity.

What Can Enterprise Data as a Service Do For Me?

Actifio Enterprise Data as a Service capabilities overcomes these challenges. Actifio data virtualization software manages and provides virtual point-in-time copies of application data, instantly, on-premises, or in a public, private or hybrid cloud, 

  •          For Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Long-term data retention (vaulting), 
  •          For Test Data Management (TDM) for application development or DevOps,
  •          For Analytics, BI or Data Warehousing, or 
  •       For migrating data and workloads between infrastructure resources.
  •         Satisfy all of the above requirements with one platform, one license, whether it’s used in multiple public clouds, private data centers, remote offices or an MSP site.


Reference Site: https://www.actifio.com


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