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Doxcheck is a patented centralized cloud facility that accurately verifies the authenticity of any document.  Doxcheck has devised a simple and intelligent means of verifying the authenticity of the data by first, assigning global codes to the document on hand.  These codes are stored in Doxcheck’s secured servers and are authenticated by third party verifiers. 


Sample documents that can be DOXCHECKed: Diploma, Transcript of Records, Membership Certificates, Membership Cards, Certificate of Employment, Attendance Certificates, Training Certificate, Birth Certificate, ID Certificate and many more…



Why Choose Doxcheck?


·      Brand Protection

·      No development cost

·      No set-up fee

·      FREE USE of cloud based technology (100mbps bandwidth, load balancing, daily backup, mobile ready) VERIFIABLE documents (Online, Smartphone)

·      Verification Plug-in to client’s website

·      Counterfeit-proof



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