Security Operations from a Single Pane of Glass

No longer will analysts have to navigate multiple consoles, rely on raw data feeds or excel sheets, perform redundant tasks, and run slow tedious queries for basic analysis. With ThreatNexus as the nucleus of their daily routine they can focus on addressing the real threat, ask the tough questions, and make informed decisions that lead to threat remediation.

Siemplify has recognized the unique challenges facing security teams today, introducing the Siemplify ThreatNexus Platform, the only comprehensive security operations platform for the analysts to navigate Management, Automation and Investigation through one single pane of glass.

  • Orchestration – Security Orchestration introduces order and consistency to your SOC.
  • Triage Workspace – Incident Response – Triage.
  • Threats Visualization – Cyber Threats Visualization. See the full picture at lightning speed.
  • BI Dashboards - Total visibility to drive efficiency throughout your SOC.
  • Reporting - Publish SOC activity providing human oversight and auditing capability.
  • Management


Reference site: https://www.siemplify.co/

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