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IdentityIQ:  Identity Management Software


IdentityIQ is Sailpoint's governance-based identity and access management (IAM) software solution that delivers a unified approach to compliance, password management and provisioning activities for applications running on-premises or from the cloud. IdentityIQ meets the needs of large organizations with complex identity management processes who prefer to tailor their solution to align with the unique business needs.


Key features of SailPoint’s IdentityIQ:


-        Automates access certifications to improve audit performance and reduce the cost and burden of compliance

-        Highlights business-relevant information in easy-to-understand dashboards, reports, and advanced analytics.

-        Fully automates user provisioning to streamline access changes based on user requests or detected user lifecycle events



SecurityIQ:  Identity Management Software


SecurityIQ can help you control who has access to unstructured data. With the appropriate visibility in place, you can identify where sensitive data resides, who has access to it, and how they are using it, and then putting effective controls in place to secure it. As a result, you will dramatically reduce IT risk and ensure compliance to corporate policies, industry mandates and government regulations.



It’s your data. Protect it with these key features of SailPoint’s SecurityIQ:


- Search by data attributes (e.g., keyword rules) or by activity behavior (how the files are being used) to identify where your valuable data resides - in file shares,

  collaboration platforms and cloud storage solutions


- Keep informed of violations in real-time. SecurityIQ monitors user activity on your files, alerting data owners and responsible parties when violations of your

  access policies are detected


- SecurityIQ provides automated access reviews to ensure access to unstructured data is validated on an on-going basis. This can be performed directly within

  SecurityIQ or through integration with IdentityIQ.



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