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Network and Content Security

People around the world are so much linked to the worldwide web that, once you go online, you are almost seen by everybody.  How can you then protect your data, your key information from internal and external threats in the cyber network?  What protective measures should be kept in place to reduce or minimize these risks that are almost apparent in every connected environment?

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Network Connectivity

Business Efficiencies and Business Continuity Plans would always warrant the right kind of equipment that could deliver, without compromise, the required data transfer or information exchanges.  The need for premium and industry-tested network devices are, but necessary, in any workspace to ensure that there is a unified system in your data center infrastructure.  Any gaps amongst these devices may already impact the integrity of the data stored.  

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Data Security, Backup and High Availability

Hardware failure, loss of data integrity, and physical data center malfunction all pose threats to companies which demand a smoothly running operational system 24/7.  Making the site available would first mean identifying the points at which those services can fail. Increasing availability also means reducing the probability of failure.  

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