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ACW Distribution now puts forward EnGenius to the Philippines

ACW Distribution (Phils) has geared up to full steam as it brings forward another robust solution to its network suite of products – EnGenius.  With more than 20 years of experience in Wi-Fi solutions, EnGenius delivers best-of-class products classified under:


1.    ezMaster Management Software

2.    Controllers & Switches

3.    Indoor Access Points/Bridges

4.    Outdoor Access Points/Bridges

5.    Antennas

6.    Networked Surveillance Cameras

7.    Wireless Extenders


These products, integrated with sufficient understanding of the client’s overall IT infrastructure, are being widely deployed in these premises:


                   ·   Academe

                   ·  Healthcare institutions        

                   ·  Hospitality establishments

                   ·  Retail Chain outlets and warehouses

                   ·  F&B



Now, more than ever, the ability to be connected and obtain business continuity, with very minimal to nil disruption, is being aimed for by most companies.  With EnGenius technologies, businesses are able to serve their customers with the much-needed convenience of accessibility wherever they may be.  ACW Distribution (Phils) believes in this value-add benefit to its customers in the enterprise market, as it further equips them with solutions to keep them above par the competition.

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