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ACW Distribution, a leading Value-Added Distribution company in the Philippines with more than three decades of offering best-of-breed IT solutions, has announced its latest addition to its enterprise suite – Doxcheck.


Doxcheck is a patented centralized cloud facility that accurately verifies the authenticity of any document.  In this day and age when security breach is rampant in both offline and online data, and fake documents seem to just infiltrate the operations of almost any entity, this kind of data security solution has become a necessity more than just a nice-to-have capability.  Companies around the world are continuously seeking ways to tighten the security of their territory, all the way to manually-derived documents.  Doxcheck is indeed a risk management facility and security solution built into one platform.


Doxcheck has devised a simple and intelligent means of verifying the authenticity of the data by first, assigning global codes to the document on hand.  These codes are stored in Doxcheck’s secured servers and are authenticated by third party verifiers.  Since Doxcheck is a cloud-based technology, verifying documents can also be done while users are online through their smartphones, thereby enabling ease of business and more means of business continuity.  In addition to its wide array of security functionalities, Doxcheck addresses cost issues of various institutions as the service comes with zero development cost:  no investment needed for hardware or software.


Lead the pack and up your game on security solutions.  


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